Over the years, I have learned several skills that can only be obtained by integrating diverse systems. I offer services in the areas of web design, database design, FirstClass customization, and Macintosh network management to help you meet your goals.

iJoel Services

iJoel, LLC was founded in 2002 in Virginia, MN by Joel Anderson. The company originally offered FileMaker Pro-based consulting services to schools, businesses, large corporations and non-profits.

As it grew, iJoel developed innovative solutions that were inspired by working with clients and listening to their needs.

The company's primary focus was consulting, supporting FileMaker Pro clients and developing solutions for a variety of small to large businesses and education.

As more customers wanted to create a web presence, we found that they would also like to access their data over the web. iJoel responded by web-enabling databases, giving our customers powerful tools, customized to suit their needs.

In addition to web and database work, iJoel can provide FristClass customization and workflow services.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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